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Distribution Network

Our distribution network extends to emerging platforms catering to specific genres, ensuring that your unique style finds a home with listeners who appreciate and resonate with your artistry.

Host multiple podcasts on one account

Monetised UGC Management

With BYSST’s Monetised UGC Management, artists can release their music in a way that resonates with the dynamic and interactive nature of social media and streaming platforms.

Host multiple podcasts on one account

360 Label Management

BYSST is committed to lightening your workload by taking on the various administrative tasks that can often be time-consuming.

Host multiple podcasts on one account

Accurate Data & Insights

At BYSST, we understand the challenges independent artists and labels face in gaining visibility and making informed decisions.


Don't Believe Us? Hear Straight from Our Artists

  • Urgen Dong
    Singer, Composer and Songwriter

    Bysst Music isn’t just about distribution; it’s a music creator’s dream. Their dashboard design? Intuitive and efficient. I love how easy it is to navigate!

  • Sujan Chapagain
    Singer, Composer and Songwriter

    Bysst Music doesn’t just distribute; they make you heard! Their dashboard is so simple, and those direct deals for playlisting? Pure gold. My music’s never been more popular!

  • Vickey Prasad
    Bollywood Singer, Composer and Songwriter

    Bysst Music composed success for my Bollywood tracks! Their distribution and playlisting deals gave my music a global stage. The dashboard? Simply symphonic!

  • Nabin Chauhan

    Bysst Music created a musical landscape for our label! Speedy royalties and playlisting links spread our artists’ tracks like wildfire. The dashboard? Label management at its finest!

  • Bibhuti Gogoi
    Bollywood Singer, Composer and Songwriter

    Bysst Music made our songs go Trending on spotify with their playlisting power. Lightning-fast distribution results, on-time royalties. Check them out, they’ve got your back! every time!

  • Arjun Katuwal
    Singer, Composer and Songwriter

    You know what’s cool about Bysst Music? They’re like that friend who’s always lightning-fast with your stuff, and they never forget to pay you back. Quick distribution, on-time royalties. Check them out, they’ve got your back!

  • Ashish Aviral
    Ungated Creative

    Bysst Music simplifies everything! Their dashboard is user-friendly, and their direct playlisting deals made my songs trend. Fast royalties were the cherry on top!


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0 Free / mo
  • Distribution and copyright on TikTok, Facebook/Insta, Snap, & Youtube
  • Upload one song per month
  • You keep 85% of royalties
  • 24 hour customer service
  • No customize label name
  • Upgrade to BYSST for Artist for Content ID

For Artist

9.99 $9.99 / mo
  • Distribution and Copyright on all major 250+ platforms. (ex. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer etc.)
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Dedicated artist support, Live Chat
  • You keep 100% of royalties
  • Customize label name
  • Playlist pitching and marketing support (Especially TikTok Banner)
  • No extra charge for Content Id

Record Label

49.99 $49.99 / mo
  • 20 artists
  • Tailored service
  • Dedicated account management
  • Priority support
  • Pitching assistance
  • Early access to new features


$199+ $Negotiable+ / mo

If you need a plan for more than 20 artists, contact us about our Enterprise plans.

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