Droicmusic podcast affiliate program

If you have a high-traffic website, a big social media presence, or a popular podcast, becoming an affiliate can be a great way to earn a living.

You can earn a 25% commission  every month for every podcast customer you refer to Droicmusic.

Droicmusic is a  highly-rated podcast hosting platform. We think you’ll like our affiliate program. Here’s why:

  • You get a  25% commission for every customer that comes from your referral link. You’ll earn recurring income as long as they’re a customer.

  • You’ll get high-quality  brand assets that you can then use on your website.

  • The cookie will last for 30 days. As long as your referrals come back within those 30 days (and converts to a paying account), you’ll still earn the revenue on that sale.

  • We have an  affiliate dashboard where you can view your total visitors, leads, and conversions. You’ll also be able to see how much commission you’ve earned.

  • You will be notified, by email, whenever you earn a new commission.

  • The payments will be made monthly through PayPal once your balance due reaches $150.

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Comparing podcast referral programs:

  • Libsyn affiliate program – Libsyn now has an affiliate program, but they only give you a one-time commission for your referrals’ first month. (So if they sign up on the $5 plan, you’ll earn $5 once)

  • Buzzsprout affiliate program – Buzzsprout only pays $25 per referral, or a 20% commission (Droicmusic shares 25% of revenue).

  • Podbean affiliate program – Podbean doesn’t provide a commission. They’ll give you one free month of podcast hosting for each referral.

  • Simplecast affiliate program – Simplecast doesn’t have an affiliate program.