Song Discovery

Welcome to BYSST’s Song Discovery, a service designed to enhance the visibility and recognition of your single across various platforms. We understand the importance of making it easy for people to identify your music when they encounter it in diverse settings such as radio, TV, stores, restaurants, and parties. With our Song Discovery service, we provide a comprehensive Discovery Pack that includes established tools like Shazam and iPhone Siri, as well as integration with emerging music discovery-based platforms like ACRCloud, Jaxsta, Gracenote, and MRC.

Our goal is to make your music easily identifiable in real-world scenarios. The inclusion of Shazam and iPhone Siri ensures that users can effortlessly recognize and discover your single when it’s playing, adding a layer of accessibility to your music. Additionally, our collaboration with innovative platforms like ACRCloud, Jaxsta, Gracenote, and MRC broadens the spectrum of discovery opportunities, allowing your music to be recognized across various channels and services.

BYSST’s Song Discovery service goes beyond traditional methods, embracing the latest technologies and platforms to amplify your music’s discoverability. Whether it’s a casual listener at a party or a shopper in a store, we want to ensure that your music leaves a lasting impression. Join BYSST, and let your music take center stage in the diverse and ever-expanding landscape of song discovery.